It's been a little over a year since Seoul Fried Chicken (SFC) first opened their doors and they haven't looked back since. Situated a little off of Whyte Avenue, SFC has become a popular laidback spot for Korean fried chicken. They've earned a diverse group of fans for their innovative flavours and reasonable prices.

I've sampled their chicken a couple of times, but this would be my first time visiting the actual store myself and writing a proper blog post about it. We visited a bit after noon on a weekday and found a packed room, with most people just waiting for their take-out orders. To bypass the line and cut out your wait time, you can now order online for pickup or delivery in a ten kilometre radius.

When SFC first opened, chicken shortages were all too common, and they would often sell out before close. I think they've grown better at anticipating demand, but you would still find line-ups during peak hours and you'd be hard-pressed to find a seat considering the limited number of tables they have.

The menu at SFC features seven different varieties of fried chicken, including SFC OG (original), SFC BBQ, onion lover, garlic soy, cilantro lime, G.P. cheese, and golden kari. You can order them in half or whole quantities. Salads, sides, and desserts round out the rest of the menu. 

If it's your first time at SFC, the 5 pc chicken set ($11.00) is a great introduction. In a takeout box similar to ones that house pizza, you get five pieces of fried chicken in the flavour of your choice, any single 1/2 order of salad, fries or a corn fritter, and a can of pop. If you feel like chimaek (chicken + beer), 5 pieces and a domestic beer will only cost you $12.50. Both sets are an amazing value if you consider that even fast food combos nowadays cost nearly as much.

For my set, I chose the garlic soy flavour with sesame potato slaw and a corn fritter. I've tried four of seven flavours on the SFC menu and the garlic soy is by far my favourite. The chicken pieces you get are a random assortment of cuts since they utilize whole chickens. The chicken is crispy, while the sauce is sticky and sweet with garlic undertones. I find five pieces of chicken a bit much for me to finish in one sitting, so those with big appetites would probably be more than satisfied.

The sesame potato slaw comes in a small boat and consists of shredded sweet potato and cabbage in a black sesame dressing. The dressing is creamy, tangy, and nutty, which makes the slaw a refreshing bite when you just need a break from the chicken. The corn fritter is a curious thing and I'm not quite sure how I feel about it. Whole kernels of corn are suspended in a batter, deep fried, and drizzled with condensed milk. If the condensed milk was used a little more sparingly, perhaps I would like it a bit more.

LT went for the SFC BBQ chicken with mac n' cheese pesto and house fries. The SFC BBQ is a family recipe, passed down from the patriarch of Lee House fame. I'd say it's the most "traditonal" Korean flavour on the menu. Despite its fiery red appearance, the SFC BBQ is only slightly spicy. That being said, it is definitely spicier than other seasoned Korean fried chicken I've had in the past where the sauce is a mix of sweet and spicy. 

On the side, the mac n' cheese pesto is a cold pasta salad dressed in a creamy asiago sunflower pesto. LT thought the macaroni was a bit soft but it definitely delivered on the pesto forefront. Since we did takeout, the fries got understandably soggy on the commute home but I liked how they were thick cut with a soft potatoey centre.

KT chose his recently discovered favourite at SFC, the cilantro lime with kale caesar and house fries. The cilantro lime is SFC's OG fried chicken, topped with a bunch of cilantro and a side pot of cilantro lime chimichurri.

Since the chimichurri was served on the side, I was able to taste the OG fried chicken on its own and found it to be juicy and seasoned well. In regards to the flavour, cilantro is one of those divisive ingredients -- you either hate it or love it. I'm sort of in between. I did like how fresh and tangy the chimicurri was, but it wouldn't necessarily be my first flavour choice.

The kale Caesar is a romaine kale mix, with beet chips, oven dried tomato, and truffle oil. A seemingly healthier and lighter take on the traditional Caesar salad. 

For the parentals, we got them another half order of the garlic soy ($13.50). A half order equates to about ten pieces while a whole order ($25.00) is twenty pieces. Definitely a lot of chicken for a more than reasonable price.

On a past occasion, I've also tried their G.P. cheese flavour which is a bechamel sauce and grated grana padano cheese. I find the flavour too rich and heavy for me but cheese-lovers would be quite happy with this rendition. 

SFC has filled a niche for a hip, casual hangout spot with the perfect food to eat-in or take-out. If you want to be popular among your friends, skip the KFC bucket and bring a few boxes of SFC to your next potluck or party gathering. 

Seoul Fried Chicken
7904b 104 St NW
Edmonton, AB
(780) 761-3616

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