If you live in Edmonton, chances are you've been to, or at least heard of, a restaurant under the Century Hospitality Group (CHG) umbrella. They manage a whole string of restaurants, each with slightly different concepts but still with the feeling of a 'formulaic' chain. Places such as Parlour, Lux Steakhouse, MKT, and Delux Burger Bar should ring a bell. 

Although it's been open for a good few years, Hart's Table & Bar might be a new name for some people (myself included), as it's located far south in the Terwillegar neighbourhood. 

Hart's came to my attention when SC suggested trying out their brunch menu. I live essentially on the opposite end of the city as Hart's but found it was a good excuse to use up an old CHG gift card I had laying around.

Brunch is served on weekends and holidays only, from 10AM to 2PM. The brunch menu has a list of nine items, a good mix of savoury and sweet options. Carrot cake pancakes, chicken and waffles, and lobster eggs Benedict are some of the dishes offered. If nothing catches your eye, you can order from their regular menu as well, a large and extensive list that includes bar snacks, soups and salads, burgers/sandwiches, and hearty comfort food entrees. Basically something for everyone.

We met at noon on a Sunday and the restaurant was decently busy, meaning you could still easily carry a conversation without having a screaming match. We were initially seated at a tall two-top by the bar but they were able to accommodate our request for a shorter booth when asked. (As a vertically challenged individual, I dislike high tables and bar stools with a passion.)

We decided to get two dishes, one savoury and one sweet, to share. We chose off the regular menu for our savoury and ended up with the pig and fig ($18.50), a toasted ciabatta sandwich with slow roasted pork, gruyere cheese, crispy bacon, apple arugula slaw, and a spread of fig preserve. I've always liked the flavour of figs and found the sweetness of the jam, along with the fresh crisp apples to really compliment and cut the saltiness of the bacon and pork. Although the pork was a bit dry, it was a decent sandwich overall.  

On the side, we decided to get the Century salad (because, you know, health). You also have an option of their 'scratch' soup, hand cut fries, or a Caesar salad. The Century salad was a mix of butter leaf lettuce, canned mandarin oranges, caramelized almonds, and Century vinaigrette, which the server said was more or less a poppyseed dressing. Again, a decent salad, though it ate a bit sweet.

Our 'sweet' dish ended up being the banana bread french toast ($15.50). Four slices of banana bread, in typical french toast preparation: griddled after a quick dip in an egg batter. Topped with banana chips, maple butter, walnut caramel, and a side of blueberry compote. Because the banana bread was so dense on its own, I don't think the batter was able to fully penetrate through. I did like the crunch of the banana chips but the blueberries didn't do much for me. It was also a good thing we decided to share this since personally, I would get tired of eating a whole plate of 'sweet' for brunch.     

Although Hart's is self-described as "bar-centric," it's also family-friendly, with children welcome for brunch, lunch, and dinner until 8PM. Although nothing was mind-blowing or amazing, the food was decent and I found the menu pretty approachable with enough quirks to satisfy the entire customer spectrum. I don't think it's worth driving out of your way for but it's an alright restaurant for the neighbourhood when you're too tired to go far for dinner but still want something a bit more elevated or interesting than other chains in the area.

Hart's Table & Bar
14229 23 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB
(780) 488-4278

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- CT


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