SNAPSHOTS | YVR 2013 | DAYS 5 & 6

Our last official day in Vancouver! Technically, second last, but our 6th day was literally waking up and leaving to go to the airport.

Our plans were to go to downtown Vancouver, more specifically, to Robson Street. Seeing as though Vancouver has higher tax on things we can essentially buy in Edmonton, we held off on the shopping and instead just took a stroll in between eating.

Prior to the trip, I had purchased a groupon for Capstone Tea and Fondue which included a swiss cheese and chocolate fondue set for four people. 

For the swiss cheese, there was a platter of bread, pretzels, palmiers,  grapes, apples, carrots, and cherry tomatoes to dip. The chocolate fondue had an assortment of different fruits as well as cookies and cubes of pound cake.

It might have been an extra charge (probably was) to add these ice cream truffles but it was well worth it anyways. The flavours were mango, strawberry, cookies and creme, and green tea. They also came with a variety of toppings such as sprinkles and skor bits.

 The food was honestly okay, I think you go here for the fun and novelty factor. It seems easily replicable at home.

During our stroll, we also stopped into Cupcakes (took some pictures and then left without buying anything...)! I used to watch their show religiously on TV when I had dreams of opening up my own cupcakery! Sadly I think the cupcake trend has plateaued, so I don't see myself capitalizing on the opportunity anymore. Maybe one day?

 At around 4, we started to get a little bit hungry again and so we stopped off at another Vancouver institution: Japadog! They have multiple food carts stationed around the city, and an actual storefront on Robson Street. I was so excited to finally get a chance to eat a Japadog!

 What to get?!

I originally wanted to get the tonkatsu, but decided not to since it wasn't really a hot dog. Instead I went for their most famous creation, the Terimayo ($4.75) which was essentially a beef hot dog with teriyaki sauce, seaweed, Japanese mayo, and fried onions (ie. caramelized onions).

Verdict? Too much hype.

The others had the Love Meat ($5.75) which was essentially a chili cheese dog... but it did look good.

Since it was a weird time, dinner ended up being pretty late. We also just decided to eat at Chop Steakhouse which was another restaurant attached to the hotel, this time through the hotel lobby. It was pretty dead inside from what I remember, but to their credit, it was pretty late.

Again, the food was okay. I wasn't expecting much from a chain restaurant anyways. Plus, the food at Teahouse basically raised my expectations for the rest of the trip.  

Steak Bites ($14.95)

 My pick for entree ended up being the petite prime rib, which came with mashed potatoes, horseradish, some type of tomato, and au jus. I'm not sure the price, but their large cut is $32.95.

Filet Mignon ($37.95) with Lobster Tail ($19.95)
Lobster Stuffed Haddock? (I think they took it off their menu)
Little Lobster Dinner (Again, I couldn't find it on their website... maybe it was just a special?)

The next morning, it was off to their airport. My breakfast was a Lunchables. It was pretty sad, but befitting of my sadness of leaving Vancouver.

- CT


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