Block 1912 is a Whyte Ave institution. Filled with mismatched tables, chairs, and sofas, it's a cozy and charming spot, perfect for winding down with a coffee, catching up with friends, and/or grabbing an after dinner dessert. The clientele varies from young and old, to students, couples, and families. 

While their menu includes sandwiches and other savoury options, who are you kidding? You're here for dessert.

It was surprisingly busy for a weekday evening, with most tables and couches being accounted for. I guess everyone had the same idea during the after dinner lull. Even if you're full, there's always a second stomach for something sweet. 

Their display case might actually be heaven on earth. Not to mention, it's HUGE and spans twice the length that you see above. With so much variety and tempting options, it's definitely a decision that shouldn't be taken lightly.

Most of their dessert options range from $6-$7, which is reasonable considering the size of some of them. The lineup has some staples that I always see (for example, their oreo cheesecake is a popular one), but they make an effort to change it up now and then with creative and inventive flavours. While they aren't as sophisticated and refined as Duchess Bake Shop, they have a distinct homemade feel to them. 

SC decided on the chai mango crème brûlée ($6.00). Breaking the torched sugar crust, SC thought that the custard underneath was a little too stiff. Probably from sitting in a refrigerated case all day. To me, the chai flavour tasted just like gingerbread, which is fitting considering that chai usually contains warming spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and nutmeg. Good, but nothing mind-blowing. 

MZ chose the berry panna cotta ($7.00) which comes swimming in a bowl of fruits and their juices. Again, the panna cotta suffered the same fate as the crème brûlée, being a little too thick, but I appreciate the fact that you can see real flecks of vanilla bean. Also a great gluten free option, as indicated by the little description on their name cards.

Being the Asian that I am, I had to get the raspberry green tea white chocolate cake ($7.00). Okay, maybe I didn't have to, but anything green tea or black sesame and I'm sold. It was a certainly a mouthful to order, but this ended up being my favourite thing that I've tried so far at Block 1912! The cake consisted of thin, alternating layers of green tea sponge, vanilla buttercream, and raspberry puree. White chocolate curls provided a nice decorative touch around the outside (it's a well known baker's trick to hide any imperfections), while a single raspberry was like the cherry on top.

The nice thing about this cake was that it wasn't too sweet. The raspberry was the perfect tart complement to offset the usual cloyingness of white chocolate. I just hope that this cake becomes popular enough to become a mainstay in the dessert cabinet. Please, Block 1912, just for me?

 Block 1912 
10361 82 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB
(780) 433-6575

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- CT


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