Millenials! If you want to buy a house, apparently you have to stop buying avocado toast. Yes, this generation is spending way too much on bread and avocados. ಠ_ಠ You can definitely debate the logic of the argument both ways, but honestly, the only thing I got from this whole controversy is that brunch gets a bad rap for being unnecessarily expensive. It can be, but if you think about it, you're ticking off two meals for the price of one. So really, you're the one saving money here.

MH has finished school for the summer so we reunited over everyone's favourite bougie meal: brunch! Like most times we meet up, we set our sights on her hood (AKA St. Albert, the least hood place there is). We decided to try out the Glasshouse Bistro, a cafe-restaurant hybrid located on the second floor of the Enjoy Centre, a beautiful multi-use facility that is home to a greenhouse, marketplace, deli, spa, and much more.

The Glasshouse Bistro is a full sit-down restaurant but also a quick-service counter where you can pick up coffee, paninis, and dessert. Accentuated by pops of lime green and fuschia, the space is fresh and modern with an airy and bright atmosphere. Depending on the day, the restaurant is open for lunch and/or dinner, as well as brunch on Sundays.

At around 11:00, there was a short wait for tables so I'd consider making brunch reservations in advance. We left our number and was able to explore the greenhouse before receiving a text that our table was ready.

We were given a choice of eating indoors or outside on their patio. We didn't mind either way so the host led us outside. There was only one waiter responsible for the patio so we found service to be rather slow with long breaks in between. It wasn't quite the deal breaker for us since we were busy catching up anyways.

As for food, the brunch menu is small and concise. It could be considered pretty limited but at least it makes choosing a dish easy and simple for those indecisive like me. Also, nothing really outside the box on the menu. It's pretty standard fare. Family-friendly too, as it has a small children's section.

MH went for the vegetarian eggs Benedict ($16.00), which featured fresh tomatoes and spinach underneath two poached eggs and hollandaise. Instead of your typical English muffin, Glasshouse uses a piece of toasted bread. MH didn't have much to say about her plate but she polished it off clean.

I went for the meatier eggs Benedict that featured bacon ($18.00) as protein. Smoked salmon is also another option. The bacon comes courtesy of SandyView Farms which operates the deli in the Enjoy Centre. It's thick-cut and not overly salty, but bacon-lovers might miss the satisfying crisp that you come to expect from bacon. Also, between the yolk and the hollandaise, it ate a wee bit too rich for me. The plate needed something fresh or acidic to balance it out.

Both of our dishes also came with a side of roasted potatoes and housemade ketchup. Some pieces were crispy while others were a bit soft. Not too much going in the way of seasoning but the ketchup helped freshen things up.

Glasshouse Bistro will certainly impress with their views and atmosphere, but unfortunately, the food and service seems to pale in comparison. You can make a fun day out of visiting the Enjoy Centre, but the food isn't exciting enough to be the main draw for me.

Glasshouse Bistro & Cafe
101 Riel Dr.
St. Albert, AB
(780) 651-7361 
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- CT


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