Hole in the wall, hidden gem, diamond in the rough. There are so many ways to describe Won Jung Gak. If you weren't specifically looking for it, you wouldn't stumble upon this place by accident (unless you work nearby or maybe just enjoy hanging out in industrial parks). 

Won Jung Gak previously had two locations, their original address which is near southside Argyll and a second location in Chinatown. Their Chinatown outpost has been closed for a while now, with the space now being occupied by It' All. Despite their first and fixed location being a bit out of the way, they still have garnered a legion of loyal fans who flock to the restaurant to get their fix of Korean-style Chinese food.

Judging by the restaurant's exterior, you can tell dining at Won Jung Gak is more of a casual experience. Call buttons are located at every table should you require service while K-pop videos play repeatedly in the background.

LT, ST, and I visited on a Saturday afternoon (Canada Day actually) for a late lunch, almost early dinner. It was quiet for the most part with a few other tables occupied. 

Like mentioned earlier, Won Jung Gak serves Korean-Chinese cuisine. Favourites like jjajangmyeon, jjamppong, and tangsuyuk. While they're most known for these dishes, other food items that they offer lean more on the Korean side. If you look at their menu, prices are quite reasonable given their portion size. Make sure to go with a big enough group so you can share and try a bit of everything!

Jjajangmyeon ($10.00) is sort of the representative dish of Korean-Chinese cuisine and almost everyone orders it here. Jjajangmyeon are wheat noodles topped with a black bean sauce that also contains diced pork and vegetables. Before you dig in, make sure to mix the sauce around so that all the noodles become evenly coated. Also, scissors (the most important Korean utensil besides chopsticks and spoons) are provided to you for a reason! They come in pretty handy when you're portioning the long, slippery noodles.

I admit that I usually don't like jjajangmyeon all that much, but LT and ST both love this dish. From someone who isn't the biggest fan, Won Jung Gak's version actually isn't half bad and probably one of the better versions out there. The noodles they use are nice and chewy while the sauce, which is savoury and earthy, clings to every last strand. 

For our next dish, ST wanted to try their galbi ($18.00). In a portion, you get three grilled and marinated beef short ribs served on a sizzling hot plate, along with mushrooms, broccoli, zucchini, and carrots. The dish also comes with a bowl of steamed rice.

While galbi is a popular item in Korean restaurants, I wouldn't order it here. The meat seemed overcooked as it was very tough and chewy. Could be a consistency issue as I've read other rave reviews about them, but I personally wouldn't risk it again. Lesson learned for next time.

Although the galbi was a fail, the KanpoonGi (small $20, large $23) was a definite winner. Fried pieces of boneless chicken tossed in a spicy garlic soy sauce. We ordered the small and still received a huge pile of chicken.

The chicken is dredged in potato starch before frying, providing a tender crust that stays crunchy throughout. The sauce is also praiseworthy, as it coats the chicken almost like a glaze. It's sweet and sticky, and has small bits of garlic and chili that provide heat and aromatics. I'd be happy just ordering this and a bowl of rice.

A couple of tips for you if you do end up visiting Won Jung Gak. First thing! If you're driving to the restaurant and second guessing your whereabouts, that's when you know you're in the right place. Second, I don't care what else you order but get the KanpoonGi and thank me later.

Won Jung Gak
9655 62 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB

(780) 988-7709
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- CT


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