In recent weeks, Edmonton has seen a surge in popularity for Korean fried chicken. And with good reason. Lovingly branded as the new "KFC," Korean fried chicken is not only finger lickin' good, it's on a whole other level.

While the opening of Seoul Fried Chicken on Whyte Ave has received early acclaim, northsiders can also celebrate and rejoice in the opening of Coco's Deep Fried Chicken's second location in the Kensington neighbourhood. Located in between a tanning salon and Subway, the new Coco faces out on the intersection of 127th street and 132nd avenue. 

I had the chance to try Coco's chicken in the past, but their southside location was always too far to warrant a repeat visit. I'm super stoked that they're in much closer proximity now, although my wallet and waistline are probably not as happy.

The new location is quite big, with the kitchen and counter probably taking half of the entire space. Since I counted only four tables in the entire restaurant, I'd say take-out is a big element of their overall business.

The menu at Coco's is relatively simple with only two different types of fried chicken, the classic crispy chicken and the sweet and hot chicken. Also on the menu are chicken strips, chicken and waffles, and a variety of sides including fries, onion rings, salad, rice, kimchi, etc.

To get a taste of both flavour options, I opted to get their 15-piece half and half Coco pack ($33.49), which ended up being 8 pieces of crispy chicken and 7 pieces of the sweet and hot chicken separated into two take-out boxes.

The crispy chicken had an amazingly thick and crunchy skin. It stayed crispy even during the 15 minute drive home (and the obligatory five minute photoshoot). It was also surprisingly not greasy at all, while still remaining juicy and moist on the inside. The only problem I had with the chicken was that there wasn't much seasoning so it was a bit bland. It's an easy fix if you order some gravy or sauce on the side, or even grabbing some salt and pepper packets on your way out.

The sweet and hot chicken was probably my favourite out of the two, since the sauce helped amp up the flavour a lot. More sweet than spicy, the sauce is a tiny bit cloying, but still enjoyable overall.

I think price-wise, Coco's is fair. Though it might seem expensive, the chicken is quite meaty and generous in portion. I think I was full even after two pieces, and there was still some leftovers after my family ate their fair share. So definitely check it out whether you're in the south or the north. I promise it's much better than Colonel Sanders. 

Coco's Deep Fried Chicken (Kensington)
 12620 132 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB
(780) 472-7328

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