Cococo Cafe / Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut is a mecca for chocoholics, or anyone with a sweet tooth really. At the prime real estate corner of 124th street and Jasper Avenue, you'll find them slinging out hot drinks, gelato, and of course, chocolate.

Before we delve any further, I have a small confession to make. I might be the only person crazy enough to admit this, but I'm not the biggest chocolate fan. Don't get me wrong, I like chocolate. It's fine in small doses, but it's not necessarily my first choice when it comes to sweets or desserts. My sister, on the other hand, is the complete opposite. She'll inject chocolate in her veins if she could. I knew I had to bring her along when meeting up with KN at Cococo for a quick weekend catch-up.

Cococo Cafe is split down the middle, with an ordering counter on the right, and a chocolate boutique to the left. Surprisingly, we didn't get any chocolates during our stay, but it was fun to peruse the variety of shapes and flavours on offer.

The menu is small and concise. Different types of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. Food-wise, there's crepes, gelato, and a few pastries. Nothing too exciting.

All of their gelato is made in house, so despite it snowing outside, I knew I had to try some. LT and I both got a scoop of gelato each ($4.25). I chose the peach mango and LT went for the cookies and creme. Flavours were spot on, though a bit more subtle than I'd like.

Seeing that we were in a chocolate shop, we also got a couple of hot chocolates. Much like coffee beans to a coffee shop, Cococo had a variety of different hot chocolate blends. The girl at the counter recommended the West African milk chocolate (regular $3.75; large $4.95) so that's what we went for. Pictured is the regular size. KN got the large which came in a taller, but narrower mug. If you're dining in, it doesn't seem worth getting the large since it ends up being almost the same size in volume as the regular.

With a copious amount of whipped cream and chocolate shavings on top, it definitely looked decadent. But after our first sip, we were quite disappointed.. it was super watery. Maybe their darker chocolate blends would have a richer taste, but to be honest, you could probably make a better tasting hot chocolate at home.

In one of their display cabinets, tiny little macarons caught our eyes. They were sitting on plates with plastic wrap, so I can't vouch for their freshness, especially since Duchess is just a quick drive down the street. KN chose three flavours: matcha green tea, mocha, and hazelnut ($1.75 each).

LT decided to get a box of five macarons ($8.75): raspberry yogurt, hazelnut, matcha green tea, and chocolate (x2). They even wrap it up pretty nicely with a bow. I tried the raspberry yogurt and the matcha green tea. The macarons were surprisingly decent. There's certainly better and fresher out there, but they did the trick.

Perhaps if you're a huge chocolate lover, Cococo is probably your idea of heaven, but from their "cafe" aspect, it's a bit lacking. If anything, go for their gelato if you're in the area, but exercise caution with their hot chocolate.

Cococo Cafe 
10103 124 St NW
Edmonton, AB
(780) 488-0690

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