We are halfway through the Houston trip! Our morning/afternoon routine in Houston basically consisted of waking up, getting ready, calling an Uber, and then getting brunch/lunch. On this day, we decided on Common Bond Bakery & Cafe, which I found by browsing through Instagram. It looked super trendy and reminded me of Edmonton's Duchess Bake Shop, but in a modern, less Parisian way. 

I mean, milk bottles are pretty trendy right?

It took so much willpower to not order one of everything but we learnt fom our past mistakes and knew that we wouldn't have the stomach space. Everything is indeed much bigger in Texas. Can you look at the size of those croissants? Probably the size of my face.

There's a large communal table in the middle of the cafe, as well as counters alongside all the walls and by the barista's space. There's also an outdoor patio, but be warned. Only sit there if you're prepared to fight with seagulls for your food! 

I didn't make any notes of the prices, and their website doesn't either, but they weren't too bad or overpriced.

This is what we ordered:

A flat white. The server who brought it over apologized for spilling some of the coffee but I think it made for a more artistic photo anyways. Also, the napkins are pretty adorable.

KN also had the chai latte, which is pictured on the right in the first picture.

For my sandwich, I ordered the South Houston Roast Pork which came with smoked pork shoulder, brocollini, cheddar, and garlic mayo all on a hoagie. It also came with a side of pickles, but I left those, because who on Earth likes pickles?

KN ordered the Buffalo Turkey Bacon sandwich which was a combination of Frank's Red Hot sauce, turkey and bacon (obvs), bleu cheese crumble, shaved crudite and argula on a baguette. She liked it, but noted that it was very difficult to eat since the baguette was toasted a bit too hard.

We also got two chocolate chip cookies, which were humongous. We couldn't finish them so they made for good breakfast snacks the next day.

After we finished, KN's brother-in-law offered to drive us out to Cypress, TX to shop at the Houston Premium Outlets. While we waited for him to pick us up, it started raining and so we sought shelter in the various antique stores, clothing boutiques and gift shops in the area. It's a very hipster area, reminiscent of Edmonton's Whyte Ave.

The Houston Premium Outlets was approximately a 40 minute drive away, but it was so worth it. We spent nearly 4+ hours at the outlets and walked away with bags of stuff.

Afterwards, we sort of became stranded and waited around until we decided on how to get home. After realizing that traffic would be insane for someone to come pick us up, we Uber'd home. After we dropped off our bags, we quickly went to dinner with KN, her sister, and her brother-in-law. They brought us to Fajita Pete's, a little joint in a strip mall. All the tables were full, so we debated on leaving and trying the other restaurant in the strip. Serendipitously, a guy who was taking up 2 entire tables waiting for the rest of his party to arrive decided to get takeout instead. 

As someone who's never had real Mexican food (besides Taco Bell or Taco Time... but they don't count), I really enjoyed Fajita Pete's. We got a pound of half beef and half chicken, and 8 tortillas to make 2 fajitas each. The meats were literally sizzling on the hot plate. The accompaniments to the protein included rice, beans, lettuce, cheese, salsa, and guacamole.  

Wrap it all up and you have a fajita!

Stuffed and satisfied, we later walked over to the Whole Foods in the same strip and scoured their snack aisles. Being a huge itsJudysLife fan, I geeked out over all the foods that I recognized from their vlog. It's a bit sad, but there are worse things to be addicted to.

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- CT


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