SNAPSHOTS | IAH 2015 | DAYS 5 & 6

Only in Texas would you find a 12-foot glittery armadillo on the side of the road...

Our final 2 days in Houston are going to be combined in this 1 post since they were pretty chill and uneventful after the long day we endured previously. On our last full day in Houston, we went off in search of some real deal BBQ. It would have been blasphemous to come all the way to Texas without trying some.

Goode Company is a family-owned and operated business, and they run a few different restaurants across Houston. Several BBQ restaurants, a taqueria, and a couple of seafood restaurants. We went to their BBQ restaurant on Kirby, mostly due to their eye-catching sign on the side of their building.

The place is cafeteria-style and it was kind of funny to see a mix of businessmen in suits and hospital workers in scrubs lining up for some BBQ. You can either sit inside or outside on a couple of benches. Since inside meant the refreshing breeze of air conditioning, this is where we sat. It was a bit dark inside, so the photos turned out a bit grainy.

While KN went for the daily special which was a BBQ chicken sandwich, I went for a two-meat dinner ($16.95) and chose beef brisket and pork ribs. They ask if you want BBQ sauce and they literally ladle a spoonful over top. The sauce had quite the kick to it, and I should've asked if it was okay to have the sauce on the side; that way, I could have appreciated the subtleties of the meat more. 

The two-meat dinner also comes with two sides of your choice, and so I decided on jambalaya texana (underneath the bread) and coleslaw. The jambalaya texana was essentially rice mixed with bits of sausage and jalapeno, but it was slightly dry. The coleslaw was your everyday run of the mill coleslaw while the bread was their signature jalapeno cheese bread. It basically tasted like white bread. Overall I enjoyed it.

I also got a slice of their pecan pie because they're apparently quite well known for it. It was sickeningly sweet, but maybe I'm just not accustomed to a humongous slice of pie.

I took a couple of bites, and took the rest of the pie home for later.

After lunch, we hit up the CVS down the block where KN went crazy for some Cetaphil and I went crazy for snacks. We then moved onto Target, where I went a bit more crazy for snacks. We literally went down every aisle with our shopping cart, filling it with novelty foods that we don't have in Canada. I think I went a bit overboard...

Just a tiny bit overboard.

After a haul photoshoot, I started to pack since the next day I would be leaving for the airport. It was a bit disconcerting that I arrived in Houston with only 27 pounds of luggage, and was now leaving with 42...

 That was essentially our day, we had dinner at KN's sister's house and went for a late night froyo run at Menchie's. 

The next day was my flight back to Edmonton, which was at 2:55. Leaving for the airport 2 hours before meant that we only had time for breakfast. We decided on Whataburger, a fast food chain based in Texas. Ever since I watched Buzzfeed's video on Whataburger, I was looking forward to trying their honey butter chicken biscuit. It did not disappoint. The biscuit was a little stodgy but that honey butter... if my luggage wasn't already so heavy, I would've gladly bought a bottle of it to bring back home.

Afterwards, there was a whole Uber fiasco (KN will know what I mean when she reads this, and if she is reading this, HIIII!) but I made it safely (thankfully without getting kidnapped) to the airport. Since I got there really early, I killed time by walking around and checking out the duty-free and gift shops. I regret not buying a "Houston, we have a problem" t-shirt. Next time.

The flight back was smooth; I had a window seat and sat beside a talkative British man (I know what you're thinking, but he was in his 60s unfortunately) and a 47-year-old real estate broker. I might have eavesdropped on their entire conversation. There's not much you can do on a plane with no in-flight entertainment.

My family picked me up from their airport and because they already ate dinner, they bought me chicken nuggets from McDonalds to compensate. Better than nothing I guess.

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- CT


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